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Texture Palette HUD in Second Life

Texture Palette HUD Ver. 1
Instruction Manual and License Agreement

Read all of this document before using this product.

When you use this product, it is considered that you agree to the terms written in this document.


This product is a palette which holds and shows a lot of textures.

It holds textures in its inventory and shows them per pages. A page shows 24 textures.

You can apply a texture onto target objects when you click it on this palette.

How to use

How to view textures

Wear a palette as a HUD.
Any HUD position is accepted.

Edit the HUD with the object editor of your viwer.
Open its content on the editor.
Drop textures in it from your inventory.
The textures are registered automatically.
Close the editor after the edit.

Click the forward button or the backward button to browse pages.

Click a thumbnail to show its texture on the main texture panel.

Click the main texture panel.
The palette says the texture's UUID and name on the chat.

How to apply textures on a target object

A box "Tools for Texture Palette" is in this package.
Open it and pick up a script named receive_texture_control.

Drop receive_texture_control on an object which you edit.

Click a face of the object to select the face.
The script says the face's information on the chat.
All faces are selected when the clicked face is already selected.

Click the main texture panel.
The texture is applied on the selected face.

Remove the script receive_texture_control when you finish the work.

Getting items

Click "p" button at the bottom of HUD to get items.

  • "Read Me" (this note)
  • "Tools for Texture Palette"

Product information page on the web

Click "i" button at the bottom of HUD to open a web page.
The page tells information of this product.

Other affairs

Built-in textures

Some textures are arranged to the head of the list.
They are built-in textures:

  • Default
  • Blank
  • Transparent
  • Invisible (This hides avatars who are behind the object.)


Some scripts in this package are used for customizations of the HUD.

This script applies thumbnails on targets when you click the thumbnails.
This script says thumbnails' information on the chat when you click them.

You can remove a script if you don't want it.

This script adjusts the position of the HUD automatically.

Exemption matters

This product is distributed with no warranty.
The manufacturer of this product does not assume the responsibility at all.

It is prohibited to take out any part of this HUD.

That's all.
Enjoy creations!