Jampan Ampan's Workshop

Dynamic Changing Room in SL

This is a changing room system, prim saving.

Changing Room Station Changing Room Teleporter
Changing Room Changing Room
When an user clicks this station, a teleporter emerges.
With the next click on the teleporter, it brings the user to a room in the air.
The room is created dynamically for each user.
This system is suitable for multiple users.
When users are gone, rooms are erased automatically and there remains 1 prim station only.

Initial Setting

At first, the owner should edit a definition notecard in the station.

Room-Base-Pos defines position of the first room.
This parameter must be defined to avoid rezzing rooms in other lands.
Next rooms are rezzed in the upper air over the first room.

Altitude-Limit defines the limit of altitude.
When the area is filled with rooms, teleporter tells it to next users.


This room cannot protect users from spy snapshots or intrusions.
It is for a manner not to wear off clothes in public spaces.